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Career Coaching

Career Exploration and Transition 

career coaching

Career Exploration and Transition Coaching is for you if you are looking to make a change in your job or career. Whether change is the result of market shifts that result in downsizing or outsourcing or the change is the result of your own dissatisfaction with the work you have been doing & longing to do more of what you love, you will need help navigating the change process in what can seem like a chaotic ocean of uncertainty.

Leadership and Performance Coaching

Leadership and Performance  Coaching is for you if you are happy with your career choice and are looking for ways to enhance your performance, identify and leverage new opportunities, and position yourself for vertical moves. Leadership coaching can help you become a better manager and develop leadership skills that are in tune with your unique personality style. Leadership and Performance Coaching can also help busy professionals build tools to balance life and work.

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