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Teen Counselling: Therapy for Teenagers

Teen Counselling can be extremely effective in helping teenagers deal with issues such as anxiety, trauma and grieving, and it is helpful for the every-day struggle with maturing and maintaining an optimistic outlook. It can provide a safe space to air concerns, and an opportunity to learn skills and strategies to bring about positive changes in their thoughts and behaviours. 

Teen therapists most often work one-on-one, or with the teen and his/her family. 

Goals of Teen Counselling

Teen-focused therapy aims to boost self esteem, create positive coping methods and help the child develop an overall positive outlook on life.

Methodology of Teen Therapy

There are a number of effective teen therapy strategies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Family Therapy, Play Therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis. Our therapists may tailor the counselling sessions with the appropriate modality based on the individual's issues, age and maturity. 

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