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Leah Gordon, RSW, specializing in marriage, teen and anxiety counselling.


Leah is a registered social worker with an M. Ed and RSW, and holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University. She also has completed training and holds a Certificate in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) from the University of Toronto (OISE). She is experienced in providing therapy for adolescents, adults and couples, working in a variety of environments including schools, community mental health clinics, and private practice. Throughout her career Leah has been drawn to work that allows her to use her natural ability to connect to others and make a positive impact on the lives of others. She strives to create an environment that will put her clients at ease and let them explore their thoughts, feelings and emotions without being judged. Her goal is to help clients through the process of breaking the negative patterns and habits they can't seem to break and to help them overcome any obstacles they may face so they can lead happier and more productive lives. Leah's therapy models include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy. Every therapy session is tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring a personalized approach that maximizes success.

Aliza Terris social worker psychotherapist


Aliza is a Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist who has earned her Honors BA in psychology, BSW (Bachelors of Social Work) and MSW (Masters of Social Work) from York University. She has worked as a Psychotherapist both in private practice and in family and child service agencies for over fifteen years. She is passionate about guiding the individuals and couples she works with to overcome their personal barriers to unlock the door to the life they choose to live. Aliza specializes in working with individuals who experienced developmental trauma or other attachment related difficulties, as well as with individuals experiencing anxiety, lack of confidence, depression, anger, or relationship difficulties. She also works with couples experiencing unsatisfying relationships or troubled relationships. She has an expertise in parenting and child development, counselling parents to gain a deeper understanding of their children’s and adolescent’s needs and coaching them to parent with awareness and understanding. She uses a variety of therapeutic modalities including EMDR Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB), Mindfulness, Attachment Theory, Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT), Attachment Based Development Approach (Neufeld) to parenting, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and CBT.

Roxana Condor, RSW, focused on individual and couples therapy


Roxana is a Registered Social Worker with a BSW and MSW from Ryerson University, currently working on her PhD in Social Work at York University. She is a registered member of the OASW and the OCSWSSW. Roxana's social work career spans from community engagement to child protection to currently providing private therapy services to individuals and couples. In addition, she is a part time professor at Sheridan college and mother of three brilliant, vibrant children. Roxana takes a creative, innovative, holistic/hybrid approach to therapy. Trauma-informed, she blends traditional methods (Cognitive-Behavioural therapy, Attachment, Narrative Therapy, Motivational Interviewing) with mindfulness, somatic therapy, philosophy and social justice. Roxana understands that people arrive at therapy when their typical coping mechanisms stop working and she will walk alongside her clients as they manage through mental health (depression, anxiety, maternal mental health) relationships dynamics, inter-racial/ blended family issues, work-related challenges, marriage counsellling, support through divorce/separation, parenting, pandemic recovery.

Zahava Koenig, RSW, focused on child and teen therapy


Zahava is a Registered Social Worker who holds a Masters' degree in Social Work from Long Island University with a focus in addiction and substance abuse. She received further training at the Family Institute, working with adolescents and women presenting with a range of mental health challenges. She has worked in various clinical settings and in high schools. She is registered with the Ontario College of Social Service Workers and Social Workers. Zahava believes in helping the whole individual, and explores the social, biological and psychological factors as well as childhood experiences and thinking patterns, to understand and address the source of disruption in her clients' lives. Zahava is very passionate about helping people feel healthier, happier, and more confident in their lives. She feels the basis of therapy is the unconditional positive regard she has towards her clients and that this is necessary for any healing to begin. Zahava utilizes a combination of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Acceptance Commitment Therapy to help the client shift to positive thinking, and living life more effectively. Zahava specializes in the treatment of anxiety and depression, addictions, low self-esteem and interpersonal struggles, and eating disorders.

Daniela Sorbera, registered social worker, specializing in therapy for children


Daniela is a Registered Social Worker with over 20 years of clinical experience specializing in children’s mental health. She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master of Social Work at the University of Toronto, and her Bachelor of Social Work at York University. Daniela is passionate about her work with children, adolescents, and families. She utilizes a collaborative and strengths-based approach to support clients in managing life stressors and towards personal growth. Daniela is well versed in a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities such as, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy, which helps to support the diverse needs of individuals and families. The span of her career has included working in settings such as school board, child welfare, hospital and children's mental health community agency. Daniela has facilitated multiple treatment groups for children, youth, and families such as anxiety/depression, concurrent disorders, emotional regulation, and parenting groups. She has also provided various workshops and professional development to support children/youth and parents' well-being.

Jeanette Cohen, registered social worker, specializing in family, child and teen therapy


Jeanette is a registered social worker who holds a Masters’ degree in Social Work from Yeshiva University in New York City and a certificate in School Social Work Practice. Jeanette is passionate about working with children, youth and their families and has primarily focused her career to support this population. Jeanette is a member in good standing with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and continually attends professional development and training workshops to strengthen her clinical skills and practice. Jeanette utilizes different treatment modalities including Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Narrative Therapy as well as provides all her treatment from a positive, strengths based, systems and trauma-informed lens. Jeanette specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, learning challenges, behavioural concerns and low self-esteem for children and youth as well as supports parents in the context of their children. Jeanette is extremely passionate about supporting children and youth in reaching their maximum potential through capacity building, utilizing their strengths, resources and community as well as supporting parents to experience that sense of calm in their homes in order to maintain positive connections and strengthen attachments. Each treatment starts with a comprehensive needs assessment in order to deliver a tailor-made and individualized experience.

Blimi Seliger

Blimi Seliger

Blimi holds a Masters in Social Work from Yeshiva University and is a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. Blimi has experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in various settings, including schools and community organizations. With each of her clients, Blimi works to connect with and understand each individual fully. She is dedicated to providing her clients with a nonjudgemental and connected space to explore their thoughts and emotions. She aims to help her clients identify and understand the root of their struggles while providing them with coping skills and awareness to make positive changes in their lives. In her work, she draws from several therapeutic modalities, including psychodynamic, IFS, CBT, EFT, and Mindfulness approaches, and applies them according to the unique needs of each individual.

Zinara McIntosh, RSW, focused on child and family therapy.


Zinara McIntosh is a registered social worker and holds a bachelor's degree from Ryerson University. Zinara’s practice includes individual and family therapy/counselling using therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy, and the Family Systems approach. Through a collaborative and strengths-based approach, Zinara specializes in anxiety, depression, trauma, postpartum, and family relationships.

Erika Rukin, RSW, specializing in individual and family therapy.


Erika is a Registered Social Worker and holds a Master Degree in Social Work from University of Toronto and a Bachelor Degree in Social Work from York University. Along with her education, Erika has additional training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI). Erika brings 20+ years of experience providing individual, family and group counselling with children, adolescents, emerging adults, adults, parents and families, struggling with a variety of mental health difficulties, including anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, academic stress, relational difficulties and trauma. Working collaboratively with her clients, she uses a combination of talking and creative therapeutic activities to promote self-esteem, coping skills, and confidence building. Erika has worked in education, hospital, community and private practice settings. She is a registered member of the OASW and the OCSWSSW.

Esther Kerzner, therapist focused on anxiety and depression counselling

Esther Kerzner

Esther is a registered psychotherapist (qualifying) currently pursuing her Master’s degree in counselling psychology practicum. She has received a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development from SUNY Empire State College. She is passionate about providing mental health care to children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, and other challenges. She aims to build a warm and empathetic environment where clients will feel safe to explore their emotions, set goals for change, and learn to utilize their own strengths . Esther understands the importance of the therapeutic relationship in promoting positive change. Therefore, she demonstrates support and compassion towards each client, while building rapport and reinforcing the working alliance. Her goal is to work together with the client in understanding and addressing their individual needs through attentive listening, accepting feedback, and maintaining focus on the person as a whole, not just the issues at hand. Through consistent collaborative work, the client will be able to achieve their goals and identify a treatment that is truly beneficial for them. Esther implements a variety of evidence-based tools and methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), and mindfulness techniques to explore her clients’ subjective experiences and facilitate long term changes and personal growth. All with the therapeutic relationship in mind, Esther utilizes her skills to ensure that her clients feel safe, supported, and leave the sessions with a better understanding of themselves, their needs, and the necessary steps to overcome their challenges and improve their quality of life.

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